Sonic Souvenirs Volume II, a series focused on the intersection of surf, art and culture told through the lens of one of the world’s most stylish surfers, Mikey February.

In the second installment of this exploration, Sonic Souvenirs: Cotê d’Ivoire, Mikey is joined by Vans’ Lee Ann Curren and Alex Knost in Ivory Coast, Africa. Through their travels, they are embedded in the origins of many regions’ cultures, spotlighting a variety of musical styles, instruments, dance, and deep-rooted traditions around creative expression. Nestled in smaller, niche communities. Each region has its own ideas and interpretation of surfing, independent of existing perceptions or definitions.

Director / DOP - Blake Myers
Executive Producers - Scott Sisamis, Nolan Hall, Kevin Casillo, Nate Rogers
Produced by Damien Fahrenfort, Free radicals
Water Cinematography / 2nd unit Paul Daniel
Edited by - Incite
Additional camera / Drone - Makke Abbas, Alan Van Gysen
Still Photography - Alan Van Gysen
Location producers - Alan Van Gysen & Steven Amoikin
Fixer Producers - Pierre Nicoud & Julien Maurice
Original Music written by Steven Amoikin & Friends
Sound Design & Additional Composition - Thom Pringle
Colorist - Connor Bailey
Design by Callum Abbot
Subtitle translations - Christine Murray, Typhaine Myers
Film Transfer - Fotokem Los Angeles